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Remove Hot Chocolate Stains from Fabric?

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How to Remove Hot Chocolate Stains Quickly

The hotter chocolate gets, the more it melts into the fibers of fabric. Therefore, it’s important you treat the stain right away and avoid heat when trying to remove a hot chocolate stain. Once the stain drys, it will be much harder to get out! If you’re away from home, find a sink (washroom or kitchen) and start to treat the stain immediately. here’s how:

  • Start with running cold water through the fabric from the back of the stain.
  • If a darker area remains, gently work some hand soap into the stain with
    your fingers.
  • Rinse the soap away with clean water from the back and front of the stained
  • The moment you get home put the stained clothing in the washing machine.

If you are unable to treat the stain immediately, then do it as soon as you get home using the next set of instructions.

Removing Hot Chocolate Stains Later

If you had to wait to remove a hot chocolate stain, but you’re ready to do it now, follow these steps:

  • Pre-treat the stain with a biological stain remover like Oxy-Clean
  • Wash with machine set to cold cycle using a good detergent.
  • If after washing the stain is still there, repeat steps 1 and 2 before drying.
Remove Hot Chocolate Stains
Addserv Ltd. is a local business and neighbor to Elmira and Waterloo. Teaching you one way to remove hot chocolate stains from fabric.

Remove a Stubborn Hot Chocolate Stain!

After the washing machine stops and you still find there’s a hot chocolate stain on your clothes, Try this:

  • Keep the clothing with the stain wet.
  • Add laundry detergent and the stained clothing to a bucket of cold water.
  • Let the fabric soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Remove from the bucket and rewash on the same cool wash settings.

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